Piers Anthony’s Bibliography
Piers in his study, November 2008
Piers in his study, November 2008
Piers Anthony's American Editions

A reader requested links on every book to where it might be purchased. Where viable, links to Amazon will be included as the web underling continues updates in 2022. The links will associated with the abbreviations used in KEY below. For the rest, check with your local bookseller, bookstore chains such as Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million, or internet sites such as ABEBooks, EBay, ThriftBooks, Better World Books, BookFinder, or Alibris.

KEY: pb = paperback; hc = hard cover; mmp = mass market paperback; ebook = electronic edition(Kindle); audbook = audible edition; audcas = audio cassette; audcd = audio CD; noa = Not on Amazon; board = board book


Bio of an Ogre  (Autobiography to age 50) Ace hc 1988, pb 1989 OP

Letters to Jenny (nonfiction) Tor hc, ebook, audbook 1993

How Precious Was That While  (memoir) Tor July 2001 mmp, hc, ebook June 2002

Hilltop Farm history of parents, pb Dec 2021; see also Alfred in Fiction list

"My Rose With Thorns" novelette (unpublished)



The Unstilled World 1956  (unsold novel)

Macroscope Avon pb 1969; Gregg hc 1986 mmp Mundania Press 2003

Prostho Plus Berkley pb 1973; Tor hc ebook, mmp 1986

Race Against Time Hawthorn hc 1973; Tor pb mmp 1985

Rings of Ice Avon pb hc mmp 1974; reissued 1987

Triple Detente DAW pb 1974;mmp 1988

Steppe (England 1976) Tor hc 1985, pb 1986; Paizo Publishing mmp 2009

But What of Earth? Laser pb 1976; Tor mmp 1989 (corrected edition)

Hasan hc mmp 1977; Dell pb 1979; Tor mmp 1986

Mute Avon hc pb 1981; Xlibris ebook audbook mmp2001 (restored edition)

Shade of the Tree  Tor hc 1986, pb mmp 1987

Ghost  Tor hc 1986, pb mmp 1987

Total Recall  Morrow/Avon hc 1989; pb mmp 1990

Hard Sell  Tafford hc 1990  Ace pb mmp 1993

Balook  Underwood-Miller hc 1990; Ace mmp1997

Firefly  Morrow/Avon hc pb mmp 1990; 1992

MerCycle  Tafford 1991; hc pb mmp Ace 1992

Tatham Mound Morrow/Avon hc 1991; pb mmp 1992

Killobyte Putnam/Ace hc, pb, mmp 1994

Volk   hc pb ebook audbook 1996 Xlibris 1997

Realty Check hc pb ebook audbook 1998 Xlibris 2000; Write Way 2001

Tortoise Reform (children's 8-12) Mundania Press 2007 (out of print)

Alfred  a fictionalized biography Xlibris pb 2007

Eroma (erotic romance) epublished GoTV/Premier Digital Publishing (PDP) January 2011; Open Road ebook pb [edition]2017

Pandora Park (children's fantasy) ebook pb Open Road 2006

The Sopaths  (horror) Fantastic Planet Press ebook pb audbook 2011

Aliena Open Road ebook audbook 2013

WereWoman Open Road ebook audbook 2014

Metal Maiden ebook (4 novellas: To Be a Woman ebook, Shepherd ebook, Flytrap ebook, Awares ebook) October 2014 Open Road

Aliena Too Open Road ebook audbook 2014

Service Goat Dreaming Big ebook, audbook, pb 2016


  NOVELLAS e-published

“ Odd Exam” Open Road ebook audbook audcd 2014

“Neris” Excessica 2016 noa

“Captive” eXcessica 2016 noa

“Noah's Brick” Fido (eXcessica) 2016 noa

“Pira” eXcessica 08/2016 noa

“Soul of the Cell” eXcessica 09/2016 noa


   SHORT STORIES e-published

“Knave” Cobblestone 2009, included in Cautionary Tales, see Story Collections list

“Serial” eXcessica  2010 included in Cautionary Tales

“Juliet” eXcessica  2010 included in Cautionary Tales

“Medusa” eXcessica 2011 included in Cautionary Tales

“Rat Bait” eXcessica 2011 included in Cautionary Tales

“Lost Things” The Horror Zine ebook pb July 2010; What Fears Become (Horror Zine Anthonogy) Imajin Books 2011



Anthonology ( stories from 1963-85) Tor hc 1985, pb, mmp 1986

Alien Plot (stories from 1963-91) Tor hc 1992, pb, ebook 1993

Relationships   Venus Press 2006; Phaze (Mundania Press) pb 2007; Dreaming Big 2007

Relationships 2   Phaze 2008; Dreaming Big pb 2008

Relationships 3  with Inabnit Phaze 2009; Dreaming Big pb 2009

Relationships 4   Phaze 2010; Dreaming Big pb 2011

Relationships 5 (erotic stories) Phaze 2012; Dreaming Big mmp 2012

Cautionary Tales Open Road ebook 2014

Writer's Retweet Dreaming Big ebook audbook pb2016

Relationships 6 Dreaming Big ebook, audbook, pb 2018

Relationships 7 Dreaming Big ebook, pb 2019

Relationships 8 Dreaming Big January ebook, pb 2020

Relationships 9 Dreaming Big, to come




  1 A Spell for Chameleon Del Rey ebook, hc, pb mmp 1977

  2 The Source of Magic Del Rey ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1979

  3 Castle Roogna Del Rey mmp, ebook, hc, pb 1979

1-3 gathered in The Magic of Xanth from Science Fiction Book Club hc 1981; and Xanth: The Quest for Magic Del Rey pb 2002 mmp

  4 Centaur Aisle Del Rey ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1982

  5 Ogre, Ogre Del Rey ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1982

  6 Night Mare Del Rey ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1983

4-6 gathered in More Magic of Xanth from Science Fiction Book Club pb 198?; and The Continuing Xanth Saga Wings Books hc 1997

  7 Dragon on a Pedestal Del Rey ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1983

  8 Crewel Lye Del Rey ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1985

  9 Golem in the Gears Del Rey ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1986

1-9 gathered in Xanth Set mmp 1970

7-9 gathered in Spellbound Xanth pb or The Continuing Xanth Saga. hc (Thanks to Michael Snicker Lynch for confirming this.)

10 Vale of the Vole Avon 1987; Tor ebook, hc, pb, mmp 2000

11 Heaven Cent  Avon ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1988;   Tor 2000

12 Man from Mundania Avon 1989;  Tor ebook, hc pb, mmp 2000

13 Isle of View  Morrow Avon hc, pb, mmp 1990

14 Question Quest Morrow Avon ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1991

15 The Color of Her Panties Avon hc, pb, mmp 1992

10-14 gathered in Xanth Series Set #2 Tor mmp 2011

11-15 gathered in Xanth Series 11 to 15 Tor mmp 2011

16 Demons Don't Dream Tor ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1993

17 Harpy Thyme Tor ebook, hc pb, mmp 1994

16-17 gathered in Xanth by Two mmp 2010

18 Geis of the Gargoyle Tor ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1995

19 Roc and a Hard Place Tor ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1995

18-20 gathered in GEIS OF THE GARGOYLE, ROC AND A HARD PLACE & YON ILL WIND (3 Xanth Novels) (18-20) Tor mmp 2011

20 Yon Ill Wind Tor ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1996

21 Faun & Games Tor ebook, hc, pb, mmp 1997

22 Zombie Lover Tor ebook, hc, mmp 1998

23 Xone of Contention Tor ebook 1999 pb, hc, mmp 2000

24 The Dastard Tor 2000 pb, ebook, hc, mmp 2001

25 Swell Foop Tor 2001 hc, mmp, ebook 2002

26 Up in a Heaval Tor 2002 mmp, ebook, hc 2003

27 Cube Route Tor 2003 pb, hc, mmp 2004

28 Currant Events Tor 2004 pb, hc, mmp 2005

29 Pet Peeve Tor 2005 pb, hc, mmp 2006

30 Stork Naked Tor 2006 pb, hc, mmp 2007

31 Air Apparent Tor 2007 pb, hc, mmp 2008

32 Two to the Fifth Tor 2008 pb, ebook hc, mmp 2009

33 Jumper Cable Tor 2009 pb, ebook, hc, mmp 2010

34 Knot Gneiss Tor ebook, hc, pb, mmp 2010

35 Well-Tempered Clavicle Tor ebook, hc, pb, mmp 2011

36 Luck of the Draw Tor ebook, hc, mmp 2012

37 Esrever Doom Tor ebook, hc, mmp October 2013

38 Board Stiff  PDP/Ingram December pb, audbook, hc 2013

39 Five Portraits Open Road ebook, audbook, hc, pb 2014

40 Isis Orb Open Road October ebook audbook, hc, pb, audcd 2016

41 Ghost Writer in the Sky Open Road ebook, hc, pb April 2017

42 Fire Sail Open Road ebook, hc, pb November 2019

43 Jest Right Open Road ebook, hc, pb July 2020

44 Skeleton Key Open Road ebook, hc, pb February 2021

45 A Tryst of Fate Open Road ebook, hc, pb> October 2021

46 Six Crystal Princesses Open Road ebook, hc, pb to come May 2022

47 Apoca Lips Open Road ebook, hc, pb to come January 2023

48 Three Novel Nymphs (to come)

4x (and more to come)


Chthon (pronounced "Thone") Ballantine pb 1967; Berkley mmp 1975; Ace hc, ebook, audbook 1987; Xlibris 2000

 Phthor (pronounced "Thore") Berkley pb 1975; Ace hc, ebook, mmp, audbook 1987; Xlibris 2000


Battle Circle Avon pb, mmp 1978 (Sos the Rope, Var the Stick, Neq the Sword)



Omnivore Ballantine pb 1968; Avon hc 1975; Mundania mmp 2014

Orn Avon pb hc, mmp 1971; Mundania 2014

OX Avon pb, hc, mmp, board 1976; Mundania 2014

All 3 in one volume, Corgi pb 1986 

CLUSTER republished by eRead 2010


1 Cluster Avon pb, ebook, audbook, mmp  1977

2 Chaining the Lady  Avon , hc,pb, audbook, mmp  1978

The Cluster Series: Cluster, Chaining the Lady, Kirlian Quest, Thousandstar, and Viscous Circle, Open Road ebook 2018 

3 Kirlian Quest  Avon pb, ebook, audbook, hc, mmp   1978              

4 Thousandstar  Avon pb, ebook, audbook, mmp  1980

5 Viscous Circle  Avon ebook, audbook, pb, mmp   1982


Tarot Ace pb 1987 (God, Vision, & Faith of, in one volume)

God of Tarot, Penguin putnam pb, mmp1987,  

Faith of Tarot mmp, pb 

Vision of Tarot, pb, mmp 

ADEPT (audio from Audible.com)

1 Split Infinity Del Rey 1980 pb, ebook, audbook, hc, mmp 1981

2 Blue Adept Del Rey   1981 pb, ebook, audbook, hc, mmp 1982

3 Juxtaposition Del Rey   1982 pb, ebook, audbook, hc, mmp 1983

4 Out of Phaze Putnam/Ace hc 1987, pb, audbook, audcd, [edition] 1988

5 Robot Adept  Putnam/Ace hc 1988 pb, audbook, audcd, mmp 1989

 6 Unicorn Point  Putnam/Ace hc 1989 pb, mmp, audcd, audbook 1990

7 Phaze Doubt  Putnam/Ace hc 1990 pb mmp, audbook, audcd 1991

 Apprentice Adept Series (Split Infinity / Blue Adept / Juxtaposition / Out of Phaze / Robot Adept / Unicorn Point / Phaze Doubt) mmp



 (audio vol. 1-7 from Recorded Books)

Incarnations of Immortality (1-7) hc 

1 On a Pale Horse Del Rey hc  1983, pb, ebook, audbook, mmp  1984

2 Bearing an Hourglass Del Rey hc1984 pb, ebook, audcas 1985

3 With a Tangled Skein Del Rey hc  1985 pb, ebook, mmp, audcas 1986

4 Wielding a Red Sword  Del Rey hc 1986 pb, ebook, audbook, mmp 1987

5 Being a Green Mother  Del Rey hc 1987 pb, ebook,audbook, mmp 1988

6 For Love of Evil Morrow hc 1988 pb, audbook, mmp 1990

7 And Eternity  Morrow hc 1990 pb, audbook, mmp, audcas 1991

8 Under a Velvet Cloak  Mundania pb 2007


BIO OF A SPACE TYRANT also available as ebook

<1>Bio of a Space Tyrant 5 VolumesaAvon 199 mmp 

1 Refugee Avon pb, ebook, audbook, mmp  1983; Gregg hc 1986;    Xlibris 2000

2 Mercenary Avon pb  1984; Gregg hc, ebook, audbook, mmp 1986;   Xlibris 2000

3 Politician Avon pb  1985; Gregg hc, ebook, audbook, mmp 1986;    Xlibris 2000

4 Executive Avon pb, ebook, hc, mmp, audbook  1985;   Xlibris 2000

5 Statesman Avon pb, ebook, hc  1986; Xlibris 2000

6 The Iron Maiden  Xlibris ebook, audbook, pb 2002



MODE (audio vol. 1-4 from Brilliance)

1 Virtual Mode Putnam/Ace hc 1991 pb audbook, mmp, audcd 1991

2 Fractal Mode Putnam/Ace hc 1992 pb, audbook, mmp, audcd 1992

3 Chaos Mode Putnam/Ace hc 1993 pb, audbook, mmp, audcd 1995

4 DoOon Mode Tor hc 2001 pb, ebook, audbook, mmp 2002

Mode series: Virtual Mode + Fractal Mode + Chaos Mode + DoOon Mode, Ace mmp 2001


1 Isle of Woman Tor hc 1993 pb, ebook, audbook, mmp 1994

2 Shame of Man Tor hc 1994  pb, ebook, audbook, mmp 1995

3 Hope of Earth  Tor hc 1997 ebook, mmp 1998

4 Muse of Art Tor hc 1999 mmp 2001

5 Climate of Change Tor  hc 2010 pb, ebook, mmp 2011

Geodyssey, Books 1-4 Tor mmp1999 



Pornucopia Tafford hc, pb 1989 1991; Mundania Press 2002

The Magic Fart Mundania Press hc, pb 2003



1 Key to Havoc Mundania Press pb 2003

2 Key to Chroma Mundania Press pb 2003

3 Key to Destiny Mundania Press pb 2004

4 Key to Liberty Mundania Press pb2007

5 Key to Survival  Mundania Press hc, pb 2007



Trail Mix: Amoeba PDP ebook. pb2011

Trail Mix: Beetle Juice PDP ebook, pb 2011


Hair Power Dreaming Big ebook, audbook, pb 2016

Hair Suite Dreaming Big ebook. audbook, pb 2017

Hair Peace Dreaming Big ebook audbook, pb 2019



with Robert E. Margroff:

The Ring Ace pb 1968; Tor hc, ebook, audbook, mmp 1986; Xlibris 2002

The E.S.P. Worm Paperback Library 1970; Tor 1986; Xlibris ebook, audbook, pb, mmp 2002

DRAGON'S GOLD series (Kelvin of Rudd) with Margroff

Dragon's Gold Tor pb, mmp 1987; Mundania Press mmp 2014

Serpent's Silver Tor ebook 1988 audbook, hc, pb, mmp 1989; Mundania Press mmp 2014

Chimaera's Copper Tor ebook 1990 audbook, hc, pb, mmp 1991; Mundania Press mmp 2014

Orc's Opal Tor audbook 1990 hc, pb, mmp 1991; Mundania Press mmp 2014

Dragon's Gold ~ Serpent's Silver ~ Chimaera's Copper ~ Orc's Opal ~ Mouvar's Magic (Kelvin of Rud Tor mmp 1987) 

Mouvar's Magic Tor audbook 1992 hc, pb, mmp, audcd 1993; Mundania Press 2014

The Adventures of Kelvin of Rud: Final Magic (Orc's Opal & Mouvar's Magic), Guild America hc 1992 

with Frances T. Hall:

Pretender Borgo 1979; Tor pb mmp 1985

with Roberto Fuentes:

Kiai! Berkley pb 1974; Xlibris 2001: with Mistress of Death

Mistress of Death Berkley ebook 1974

Bamboo Bloodbath Berkley pb 1974; Xlibris 2001: with Ninja’s Revenge

Ninja's Revenge Berkley pb, mmp 1975

Amazon Slaughter Berkley pb 1976; Xlibris 2001: with Curse of the Ninja

Curse of the Ninja Xlibris noa 2001

Dead Morn SF Tafford hc 1990; Ace mmp 1994

with J.R. Rain:

Aladdin Relighted 2011 ebook, audbook, pb Lulu for POD

Aladdin Sins Bad> 2011 ebook, audbook, pb Lulu for POD

Aladdin and the Flying Dutchman ebook, audbook, pb 2012 Lulu for POD

The Aladdin Trilogy (3 book series) Dragon Assassin ebook 2013 Lulu for POD

Dragon Assassin ebook, audbook, pb 2013 Lulu for POD

Dolfin Tayle ebook, audbook, pb 2013 Crop Circle Books

Jack and the Giants ebook, audbook. pb Create Space (Amazon) 2014

Lavabull ebook, pb 2015

The Worm Returns ebook, pb 2016

The Journey ebook, pb 2017 Rain Press

with Ken Kelly:

Virtue Inverted 2015, Dreaming Big ebook. audbook, pb 2017

Amazon Expedient 2015, Dreaming Big ebook, pb 2017

Magenta Salvation 2016, Dreaming Big ebook, pb 2017

with other collaborators:

Uncollected Stars  w/Malzberg/Greenberg/Waugh (anthology); Avon pb mmp 1986

Visual Guide to Xanth  w/Jody Lynn Nye; Avon trade pb, hc 1989

Through the Ice w/Robert Kornwise;  Underwood/Miller hc 1989; Baen pb, hc. mmp 1992

Caterpillar's Question  w/Philip José Farmer;  Putnam/Berkley  hc 1992 mmp 1995

If I Pay Thee Not in Gold  w/Mercedes Lackey;  Baen hc 1993 mmp 1994

Tales From the Great Turtle w/Richard Gilliam (anthology); Tor hc 1994 pb 1995

The Willing Spirit w/Alfred Tella;  Tor ebook 1996 audbook, hc pb 1998

Spider Legs w/Clifford Pickover; Tor hc 1998 pb, ebook, audbook 1999

Quest for the Fallen Star w/J R Goolsby and Alan Riggs; Tor 1998 ebook, hc, mmp 1999

Dream a Little Dream w/Julie Brady; Tor ebook, audbook, hc, mmp 1999

The Secret of Spring w/Jo Anne Taeusch; Tor ebook 2000 audbook, hc, mmp 2001

The Gutbucket Quest w/Ron Leming; Tor hc 2000 pb, ebook, audbook, mmp

One and Wonder editor w/Evan Filipek (anthology); eread Fantastic Planet Press ebook, pb 2013



more being written and/or to be written, but not yet published