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A list of Xanth characters

A list of Xanth characters by Name

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Note: Book numbers shown with a capital M (M23) indicate a major character in that book. Book numbers shown with a small m (m23) indicate just a mention of that character. Characters are considered included in a book if they are mentioned or are in the current area.
The Database does not allow duplicates between Character and Species. Since the author does occasionally repeat Characters within a species, all duplicates will have something in brackets[] after the Character Name; an abbreviated book title. Example: The first Astrid/Crossbreed will be Astrid [FAG] for the Astrid in Fawn And Games, where she appears, and the second Astrid/Crossbreed will be Astrid [BS] for the Astrid in Board Stiff, the first book in which she appears. If the Character duplicate is in the same book, it will get a 1, 2, etc. and the book abbveviation. Example: Well-Tempered Clavicle has 2 Aaron/Human. They will be Aaron 1 [WTC] and Aaron 2 [WTC].
A Lert  Human  Pyramid    Servant at Blue Castle  m21 
A Sist  Demon  Hades    Must help anyone before moving on  35 
A. Cause  Human  Xanth    Pet Ition collected flowers for A. Cause  24 
Aaron [SN]  Human  Xanth Reality3  Place Wings on Objects  Boyfriend of Celest; visitor of Promenade Glade  30 
Aaron 1 [WTC]  Human  Xanth  makes balls of light    35 
Aaron 2 [WTC]  Human  Xanth  Hot hand  Boyfriend of SOGA  35 
Abscissa  Human  Xanth  moves along the female X coordinate  Daughter of Ivy and Grey, delivered to an orphanage since her parents took too long to marry. Twin to Ordinate.  19 
AC  Human  Xanth    personification of he Adult Conspiracy  41 
Achilles  Human  Mundania    The Greek warrior and the rider of Xanthus  m25 
Acro  Nymph  Xanth  Can Invoke or Control Acronyms  Girlfriend of Jim; member of the troupe.  M32 
Adam  Human  Xanth  Assumes essence of what he sees  Boyfriend of Keaira; helps the Baldwin family with Happy Bottom  20 
Adam Ant  Ant  Xanth      30, 43 
Adiana  Human  Xanth    Twin sister of Leai; wants to live but was dying  20 
Adissec Nirp  Human  Xanth    Name of Prince Hilarion`s betrothee. (Reverse it)  m34 
Adjudic Ant  Ant  Xanth    Challenge 2 for Cyrus Cyborg  32 
Adnama  Human  Xanth  Changes color of other`s hair  Twin sister of Amanda (YIW); age 10  20 
Adolphe Sax  Human  Mundania    Inventor of the saxaphone  m40 
Adora Bull  Crossbreed  Xanth  Can open Doors  Daughter of Minotaur; went off with Battila the Bun  35 
Adora-Ble Bash-Ful  Ogre  Xanth    Baby ogret  28 
Aeolus  Human  Xanth  Creating Storms  King of Human Xanth (18); also known as The Storm King.  m23 
Aether Oarfish  Fish  Xanth    either stays put or jumps to where he`s looking. A Squid form  m44 
Afro Disiac  Human  Ptero  makes anyone interested in summoning the stork  Sister of Salt Peter  m28 
Agenda Andrews  Human  Xanth    One of Grey`s computer-arranged dates; very organized young woman.  12 
Agent Orange  Creature  Xanth  Killing plants in the vicinity  A vaguely catlike creature who works for the Catapult in the Region of Madness. Where it passes plants wither and die. 
Agora  Ogre  Xanth    Sister of Medi; Clio`s nursemaid.  m28 
A-Gull  Bird  Gourd    In the Gourd  29 
Air King  Illusion  Xanth    In illusionary Air Plane  31 
Air Queen  Illusion  Xanth    In illusionary Air Plane  31 
Airic  Human  Xanth  Can walk on air  Sister of Furn, Peat, Wyck, and Quantum  35 
Airon  Illusion  Xanth  Can change into the Wind  In illusionary Air Plane  31 
Airy  Human  Ptero  Diction    21 
AJane  Oma  Xanth    Oma female AJane  45 
Akimbo  Human  Xanth Reality  Causes Tangles of Any Size    30 
Al Eye  Eyeball  Xanth    talking eyeball at date palm on Isle of Fellowship, with May Eye  24 
Alanda  Elemental  Xanth  The Force of Land    20 
Alaric  Dog  Mundania    Pet of Arjayess  m26 
Alecto  Fury  Xanth    Fury of sorrows; one of three with Tisiphone and Megaera 
Alex [KG]  Human  Xanth    Adopted by Wenda and Charming; his name is short for alexythemia, unable to express emotions  34 
Alex [TTTF]  Human  Xanth  Makes Stone Invisible    32 
Alex [WTC]  Human  Xanth  Has a rain bow    35 
Alexandra  Weredolphin  Xanth    May be a family or spouse for Gabriel  m23 
Algebra  Crossbreed  Xanth  Good at Math  Wears a bra of algae. Gives Cyrus a vial of lethe which he will need later.  32 
Alias  Human  Xanth  makes everyone around him answer to wrong names    m19 
Aliena  Human  Xanth  Change the color of trees    35 
Alison  Human  Xanth  makes a small or large force field in the air, permeable or tight, with different shapes, color, or textures    31 
Alister  Human  Xanth  finding things, except an answer  Featured in the Encyclopedia of Xanth.  15 
All E Gator  Alligator  Xanth    henchman  45 
Allergy  Human  Xanth  Allergic to magic.  Because of her talent, she moved to Centaur Isle, Met Robert Ulysses Dunn and married him. She signaled the stork, but the stork would not deliver to Centaur Isle. Had to be helped by Ease/Kandy & their friends on their Quest.  38 
Alley Gator  Alligator  Xanth    henchman  45 
ALna  Oma  Xanth    Oma name for our Incident  M45 
Aloe Vera  Human  Xanth  Soothing Burns    26 
Alpha  Human  Mundania    The first of 3 men in Xanth and with their mares, the parents of the first centaurs.  m4 
Alpha Centauri  World  Milky Way    where the centaurs set up their independent society’  38, 39 
Alpha Centuri [FAG]  Centaur  Ptero    Guardian of Ptero boundary  21 
Alpha Centuri [QQ]  Centaur  Xanth    Leader of a group of centaurs working for Humfrey. They owe him a year`s indebtedness for wiping out the lightning bugs.  14 
Always-Always  World  Ida`s Worlds    Another of Ida`s worlds. Like a big amusement park   30 
Amanda  Girlfon  Xanth    Half girl, half griffin.  17 
Amanda [CuR]  Human  Xanth  Change one type plant to another    27 
Amanda [YIW]  Human  Xanth  Changes color of own hair  Twin sister of Adnama; age 10  20 
Amara  Human  Xanth    Asexual aromantic young woman, host for Isis. Pretty, shapely, host to the Goddess Isis. Doorthy in play   M41 
Amazonia  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member of the Warrior Elf tribe  29 
Amber  Dog  Mundania    In Xanth Reality 6; pet of Ruth Sutpen  30 
Amber Dawn  Human  Xanth  makes a resin that collects insects, enemies, etc and hardens and preserves it  Daughter of Breanna and Justin whose soul was delivered to Zombie by mistake. Returned to Xanth by Cube. Also see Seren   27, 28, 29 
Ambigus  Centaur  Xanth  Splitting in the absence of magic  Found his talent with Humfrey`s help: in Mundania, he splits into a human and a horse.  14 
Ambrielle  Nymph  Xanth    a nymph in a bra  41 
AMos  Oma  Xanth    Oma male AMos leader of the assembled Incidents  45 
Anairam  Human  Xanth  Animates rocks  Twin sister of Mariana; age12  20 
Anathe Ma  Human  Xanth    A repulsively ugly but kind-hearted woman.  16, 26 
Ande  Human  Xanth  makes virtually unbreakable promises.  Afraid Jumper will steal his treasure and Jumper promises he won`t.  33 
Andrea  Human  Xanth  Becoming a Carrot  By becoming a LARGE carrot, she can feed many people and not get eaten enough to matter  26 
Andrew  Human  Xanth  To answer questions, is right 50% of the time  Called Average Magician Andres by his friends  36 
Andromeda  Insect  Xanth  Flowers Grow Where She Walks  Queen of Dragonflies; wife of Perseus; Elder of Adver City  32 
Andromeda  Major Demoness  Everywhere  all magic  Major Demon in a distant galaxy.  m25 
An-Dro-Meda  Human  Mundania    From mythology. A maiden in distress, who needed rescued from the Monster of the Sea.  m9 
Anemone  Human  Xanth    Pun: an enemy  m23 
Angel Horse  Horse  Mundania    Companion of Stephanie.  28 
Angel of Attach  Angel  Xanth      42 
Angel of Attack  Angel  Xanth      42 
Angela  Angel  Heaven World    Girlfriend of Beauregard; tour guide of Heaven World. In love with Beauregard, a demon from Hell World. In Xanth to establish reality so she can live with her boyfriend Beauregard Demon. Wears a sash of seeds.  31, M34, 45 
Angela  Human  Xanth  Conjuring Mundane Objects    27 
Angie Ina  Human  Xanth  literally drop-dead gorgeous  Gives Jumper lessons on resisting freaking out.  33 
Angri Lee  Human  Xanth    Person crossing invisible bridge over the Gap Chasm.  27 
Anima  Human  Xanth  animating the inanimate  Daughter of Chameleon and Bink after rejuvenation.  m34 
Animalia  World  Xanth    the loop of castles with halfbreeds  44, m46 
Ann Arcky  Human  Mundania  absent mindedness  Wild black hair and eyes, prominent bosom/cleavage  24 
Ann Chovie  Mermaid  Xanth    Isle of Fellowship  24 
Ann Droid  Android  Xanth    Makes and controls specialized robots.  39 
Ann Gina  Human  Xanth  Makes Throats Sore and Hearts Hurt.    28 
Ann Nex  Human  Xanth    sisters, all bad girls  m42 
Ann Noint  Human  Xanth    sisters, all bad girls  m42 
Ann Nounce  Human  Xanth    sisters, all bad girls  42 
Ann Noy  Human  Xanth    bad girl of the Sea kingdom. Sea-green hair, blue eyed complexion, buxom. Can dance.  42 
Ann Null  Human  Xanth    sisters, all bad girls  m42 
Ann Serr  Human  Xanth    Challenge 3 for Surprise; wants Questions to Answer (Like Jeopardy).  30 
Ann Tenna  Human  Xanth  Hears Things From Afar    27 
Anna Conda  Naga  Xanth    A female Naga.  19, 28 
Anna Gram  Zombie  Xanth  changes things by rearranging letters of words    25 
Anna Molly  Human  Xanth  anomaly  Girlfriend of Piper (WTC); posed as the sister of Justin Kase but is him transformed into a woman with a new talent, thin but fit, dark hair, one blue, one brown eye. Harmony`s gift: mini-purse; takes the Bee.  M36 
Anna Phytactic  Human  Xanth  Shock with allergy    33 
Anna Sthesia  Human  Xanth  Makes folks numb    m28, 43 
Anna Sthrsia  Human  Xanth    potential girlfriend—warrior woman who puts opponents to sleep.  42 
Anne  Human  Xanth  Can Diffuse Until Ghostlike  Sister of Leigh  29 
Anne Orexic  Human  Xanth  makes 4 letter words actual actions.  Torso floated above hips.   33 
ANnie  Oma  Xanth    Oma female ANnie animals = fairy, centaur, garter snake  45 
Annie Mae  Human  Ptero    In a Comic Strip; guide; pun: anime  28 
Annie Mal  Human  Xanth  can become any animal    37 
Annie Mation  Human  Xanth  makes pictures come to life  Won`t help with fire ants. An emulation of Metria.  26 
Anomie  Human  Xanth    See Anomy  m27, m28 
Anomy  Human  Xanth  having stupid ideas  Husband of Melody (on Ptero); father of Melanoma (on Ptero); does dastardly deeds of abolishing the good adventures of others, calls himself dashing. Sometimes called Anomie.  24, 26, m28, m36 
Anomymous Dragon1  Dragon  Xanth      46 
Anomymous Goblin1  Goblin  Xanth      46 
Anona Ant  Ant  Xanth Reality6    In PiqueAnt hill; helps Che look for the children and later helps defeat Ragna Roc  30, 32 
Anorexia Nervosa  Human  Xanth    One of Grey`s computer-arranged dates; attractive but extremely thin woman who is constantly dieting.  12 
Ant  World  Ida`s Worlds      43 
Ant Onym  Insect  Xanth    In a Comic Strip; pun: anyonym  24 
Anthony  Human  Xanth  Summoning and banishing Metria    34 
Anthony Liaw  Human  Mundania      35 
Anti Nym  Human  Xanth    Pun: antonym  m23 
Antidote  World  Ida`s Worlds    Another of Ida`s worlds. Seas filled with anti-pun antidote.  m38 
Antigua  Island  Ptero      41 
Antiperspir Ant  Ant  Xanth    Challenge 2 for Cyrus Cyborg.  32 
Apoca  Lips  Xanth  2nd hidden talent  queen of Lips tribe, power to make men love slaves and women independent via her kisses. Not tall, but extremely shapely. Hair is translucent, conducting her scalp colors: Green is welcome or positive, blue is disagreement or negative, red is frustration or anger, yellow is doubt or mystery, black is doom or death. Yellow/green is humor. Gray is neutral.   46 
Apolo-G  Insect  Ptero    In Sunset Comic Strip.  28 
Apop Tosis  Skeleton  Xanth    Pun: apoptosis = cell death  22 
Apopto Sis  Human  Xanth    Sister of Tiara; programs the death of cells.  m38, m39 
Apsu  God  Xanth    the spirit of fresh water, father of the gods, demons, and dragons.  m45 
Aqui  Pool  Xanth    A poison pool   17 
Arachid  Spider  Xanth    Guardian of the Web  25 
Archae  Centaur  Xanth    Digging on the Isle of View to find Tapis`s house  m13 
Arges  Cyclops  Xanth    Power of Air with his brothers Brontes and Stereopes until they fell out of favor.  m7 
Ari  Goblin  Xanth    Boy/girl with same name looking for his name. Goblins Trying to seduce the Companions off the Enchanted Path  40 
Aria  Human  Xanth    Melody`s daughter, age 10, from the future. Will be hosted first by Squid, then by Noe. Golden eyes and hair.  M43, m44 
Arien  Human  Ptero    Friend of Isabella Emily Carylyn  m21 
Arjayess  Human  Mundania    Mundane who writes letters to Xanthians.  m26 
Arlis  Human  Xanth Reality  Always Called by a Nickname  Boyfriend of Skyla  30 
Arme Dillow  Human  Ptero    Companion Who Woke Matt From Roc of Ages  26 
Armored Dillo  Creature  Ptero    In a Comic Strip; pun: cylindrical creature in curved metallic plates  28 
Arnolde  Centaur  Xanth  Magic aisle  Generates an aisle of magic wherever he goes and generates a Mundane aisle in Xanth by using reverse wood. Known as the Archivist.  M4, m5, 6, 7, M9, m12, m13, 14, M19, 28, 38 
Arrowhead  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member of the Flower Elf tribe armed with a bow and quiver of arrows. 
Arsenal  Human  Xanth    Suitor, expert in combat that he sees or trains in. Harmony`s gift: a pen knife that can cut or sketch; takes the Sword.  M36 
Art  Human  Xanth    Artist, immune to poison, ruddy complexion, red hair  M38, M39, 43 
Arte Menia  Human  Xanth  Persuasion of sincerity  The Slave Master in Iris` memory.  m18 
Arthur Itis  Human  Xanth  makes people`s joints stiff    24 
Arthur Pendragon  Human  Xanth    King of the Britons; father of Mordred by Morgan Le Fey who deceived him; from Camelot.AKA King Arthur   m19, m28, m41 
Ash  Mermaid  Xanth  Reading titles (with help)  Bored mermaid with blonde hair, encountered by Trent, Gloha, and Cynthia. When she works with Cedar and Mahogany, they can read one title.  17, 22 
Ashley Rose  Human  Xanth    Wife of Bliss; Rose`s brave and resourceful mother; addressed as Lady.  14 
Ashli  Human  Xanth  can look forward in time    m25 
Ass O` Nine Tails  Donkey  Xanth    A donkey with nine tails which tells nine tales while you are riding it  m16 
Asse  Imp  Xanth    In Imp Perial  20 
Asse Sette  Human  Xanth    Husband of Marmie Sette; man with assets  31 
Astarte  Human  Mundania    Queen of Byblos  m40 
Astrid [BS]  Crossbreed  Xanth    Transformed from basilisk/cockatrice to human form; shapely, seeks love, but her perfume is intoxicating and direct look kills. She always wears dark glasses. Assigned by GM to protect the party. Wears the Sequins of Events dress. Credited with saving Xanth. Credited with saving Xanth. Credited with saving Xanth.  M38, M39, 40, m42, 43, 44, m45 
Astrid [FAG]  Crossbreed  Ptero  Shining  Daughter of Bria and Eskil  21 
Atient  Imp  Xanth    In Imp Perial; works with safe fire stones  20 
Atlas  Human  Xanth    Pun: at last  m23 
Atrocia  Human  Xanth    Jess`s alter-ego for the shows  M43 
Attila the Honey Bee  Insect  Xanth    In the gourd, cuts off the heads from flowers  15 
Attila the Pun  Human  Xanth    Hates puns and destroys them relentlessly  m21, 35 
Auntie Biotic  Human  Mundania      m28 
Auntie Depressant  Human  Xanth  touch her and feel better but much worse when the effect wears off    33 
Auntie Nym  Human  Xanth    Antonym  27 
Auntie Septic  Human  Mundania      m28 
Aura Dawn  Crossbreed  Xanth    Knitting cable stitches for festoons  33 
Aurora  Winged Mermaid  Cone    Winged mermaid; merged with Blob to become real in Xanth.  22 
Aurora  Human  Xanth    A woman that `had it`, beauty and everything.  m1, m28 
Aurora Sky  Human  Mundania    Challenge 3 for Debra; hydroponics, growing hydras in water.  31 
Auspice  Human  Xanth  Change her nature involuntarily to match her surroundings in mood, attitude, appearance & ability.  Daughter of Chameleon and Bink after rejuvenation. A friend of Olive Hue. She is the great aunt of Dawn and Eve.  33 
Auth  Human  Xanth Reality6  Works with Ticity to verify anything`s validity  Twin brother of Ticity; Aut `n` Ticity  30 
Auto Exec Bat  Bat  Xanth    Ms. Dos`s steed   38 
Autoharp  Crossbreed  Xanth  plays beautiful melodies on strings that ran through his interior  Challenge 3  24 
Awl  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member of the Tool elf tribe. 
Ayitym  Human  Xanth  Absorbs one property of anything he touches    22 
Azalea  Human  Xanth  Conversing with Land Flowers   Twin sister of Lotus; might become the girlfriend of Ray; was left in leaves as a baby; raised by flower fairies; 15 year old girl.  M30 
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M# - Major Character in that Book. m# - Mention only in that Book.
B B Allusion  Horse  Mundania    Visiting chestnut copper mare. Aka Ally.   23 
Ba Sis  Human  Xanth    Sister of Tiara; always gets to the fundamental aspect of an issue  m38 
Baal Hammon  God  Xanth    God of the Next Wave barbarians.  m6 
Babe  Ox  Mundania    A big blue ox  28 
Bali  Nymph  Xanth    a nymph in a bra  41 
Ban D  Demon  Hades    Making disturbing noises  35 
Barbar  Human  Xanth  makes folks` hair shorter  Twin brother of Barbara  m37 
Barbara  Human  Xanth  makes folks` hair longer  Twin sister of Barbar  m37 
Barbie Que  Human  Xanth Reality6  Cook Food Instantly by Touch    30 
Bareface Von Wryneck  Ogre  Xanth    Husband of Fannie  m15 
Baron Haulass of Shetland  Donkey  Xanth    Winged donkey; dignitary at Chex`s wedding  11 
Barrel  Human  Xanth    Lock, Stock and Barrel, when they join, they can shoot things or blow them up completely. Aspects of the 3 Princesses  33 
Barry  Crossbreed  Puzzle    Caprine Castle  44 
Bash  Ogre  Xanth    Cultivates garden of puns.  28 
Bathos  Bat  Xanth  Identity Exchange  Fruit bat. Exchanges with Hugo  31 
Battila the Bun  Human  Xanth  Slices stuff into bread  Brother of Attila the Pun; boyfriend of Adora Bull  35 
BB  Human  Xanth  Giving other bad breath    22 
B-Devil  Insect  Xanth  makes a person feel like the b`s name  Minions of the Sea Hag`s queen B 
Bear Minimum  Bear  Xanth    Pun  37 
Bears Mentioning  Bear  Xanth    Pun  24 
Bears Noting  Bear  Xanth    Pun  24 
Bears Repeating  Bear  Xanth    Pun 2 bears with the same name  24 
Beau  Human  Xanth      26 
Beauregard [AA]  Demon  Hell World    Boyfriend of Lusion (former) then Angela; tour guide of Hell World. In Love with Angela, an angel from Heaven World. Wants to go to Xanth so he can be with Angela. Wants to go to Xanth so he can be with Angela.  31, M34, 45 
Beauregard [ASFC]  Demon  Hades    Friend of Humfrey`s; highly educated; writing a doctoral thesis: "Fallibilities of Other Intelligent Life in Xanth"; moderately demonic-looking: his horns are vestigial and his tail is tufted not barbed.  1, 2, 4, m5, 14, m31 
Bec on Call  Curse Fiend  Xanth    Wife of Hydrogen; brave female curse fiend, and Hydrogen`s loyal helper, always at his call.  m16 
Becca  Human  Xanth  Changing Folk`s Personalities    27 
Becka  Crossbreed  Xanth    Daughter of Draco; wife of Brusque; mother of Ben; cute, blonde hair, brown eyes, dragon portion has bright green scales with purplish tinge towards the ends, wings like Draco`s  M24, 25, 26, 27, M28, m30, 31, 36 
Bee Attitude  Bee  Xanth    Queen bee of Drover’s hive  46 
Beetle Bunny  Rabbit  Xanth    See Rabbit  45 
Beetrix  Bee  Xanth    “She Brings Joy” Bee = bee drone. Blue and yellow, transparent wings. Defense, via swarm of bees  M46 
Belial  Human  Xanth  creating, controlling, and banishing creatures of dust    33 
Bem # 1  Alien  Unknown    Bug eyed monster of Bem Patrol  34 
Bem # 2  Alien  Unknown    Bug eyed monster of Bem Patrol  34 
Ben  Crossbreed  Xanth    Son of Becka and Brusque  31 
Benjamine  Zombie  Xanth    Soldier at Castle Zombie  29 
Benny  Crossbreed  Puzzle    Caprine Castle  44, M46 
Bentley  Human  Mundania    Brother of Edsel  m23 
Benzine  Crossbreed  Xanth  makes things soft and loose  Daughter of Bria and Eskil; twin of Epoxy  26, m30 
Bernard  Human  Xanth  Controls time  The Magician of Time  M41 
Bernie  Human  Xanth    Challenge 2 for Debra; talking about the Bombshell.  31 
Bert  Human  Xanth    Human part of a centaur which broke apart after going into Mundania.  27 
Besanii  Human  Motes  flattering people and things  Girlfriend of Bill Fold  31 
Besoar  BEM  Xanth    king of the BEMs. Bug-Eyed Monster. Blobs with arms and legs, faces on front, and antenna with bug eyes. Two legs, four arms, armed with sword, club, and gauntlets to grab femmes. So head, just a face on the body. Color: reddish  45 
Bev [AA]  Human  Xanth  Knows When to Start an Action So That it Will Be Successful or Unsuccessful    31 
Bev [LOTD]  Human  Mundania    Wife of Bryce; mother of two suns and a daughter.  m36 
B-Foul  Insect  Xanth  makes a person feel like the b`s name  Minions of the Sea Hag`s queen B 
B-Gull  Bird  Gourd    In the Gourd  29 
Bianca  Human  Xanth  Replay   Wife of Roland; mother of Bink. Her talent `replay` allows her to jump back in time for five seconds, but is limited to a small area of space.  1, 2, 4, 23 
Big Bad Wolf  Human  Xanth    Village lout playing the wolf in The Three Little Prigs  41 
Big Blue Nose  Ogre  Xanth    One of Marzipana Giganta`s henchmen.  m15 
Bigfoot  Giant  Xanth    Bigfoot is estimated to be about 60 feet tall. He is invisible but easy to locate due to his huge footprints, noisy passage, and horrendous smell. 
Bill  Human  Xanth  Tells the correct road to take  Boyfriend of Elem N. Tery  28 
Bill Fold  Human  Motes  Can Fold Anything, Living or Dead  Boyfriend of Besanii  31 
Billy Applegate  Human  Xanth Reality3    Made Promenade Glade, a place for hearts to meet.  30 
Billy Jack  Goat  Motes    Goat whose legs can get longer or shorter  31 
Bink  Human  Xanth  Protection from magic  Son of Bianca and Roland; husband of Chameleon; father of Dor; who was banished for his apparent lack of talent but later recognized as Magician when the true nature of his powers became clear. At age 81, youthened to 21.  M1, M2, m3, m4, 6, m7, M9, m11, 13, 14, m15, 17, m18, m19, m20, m21, M22, m23, m31, 35, 36, m37, m40, m41, m43, m44, m46 
Biolo-G  Insect  Ptero    In Sunset Comic Strip.  28 
Bird  Bird  Xanth    companion, can assume any bird form. Bird Man can talk.  M45 
Bird  World  Ida`s Worlds    Another of Ida`s moons. Shaped like and mostly inhabited by birds  31, 43 
Bird of a Feather  Bird  Xanth    King of birds, ruler of all the birds in Xanth except the Simurgh. 
Birdie  Shee  Xanth    a Shee, Light Elf, human size. Floating sky blue hair, eyes, trim body  M45, m46 
Birdman  Bird  Xanth    See Bird  45 
Black  Human  Xanth    One of five sisters with long hair. Part of Merge  38, 39, m43 
Black Pete  Human  Xanth  Dishonesty  An accomplished liar and thief, host of Thieves` Isle.  11 
Black RePete  Human  Gourd    In Xanth Reality 6  30 
Blatant Beaste  Creature  Xanth    Creature with a thousand tongues, head of a serpent, body of a lion, cloven hooves, and a formidible stinger. It doesn`t let anything stand in its way.  18 
Bliss  Human  Xanth    Son of Yang; husband of Ashley Rose; never manifested any major talent therefore was removed from succession to the throne. Perhaps because of this, he became a decent fellow unlike his father; addressed as Lord.  m14 
Blob  Creature  Xanth    An unformed creature brought by the stork and abandoned. Its dream image merged with the winged mermaid Aurora on one of Ida`s moons so she could become real in Xanth.  22 
Block Buster  Demon  Hades    Guard of the Writers` Block.  32 
Bloodroot  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member of the Flower Elf tribe armed with a red bag of fluid that might be blood-poison. 
Blue  Human  Xanth    One of five sisters with long hair. Part of Merge  38, 39, 43 
Blue Hair  Human  Xanth    pretty girl with matching suit, hair and lips:  45 
Blue Jean  Human  Always-Always  making pants  Daughter of Jean and Denim; wife of Whurl Poole; mother of Jean Poole  m30 
Blue Moon  World  Ida`s Worlds      43 
Blue Prince  Human  Pyramid    On Blue Face; inspector of safe area in Pyramid.  38 
Blue Steel  Demon  Hades    Demon patrolman with blue skin and a head that is flat on top; works with Copper. 
Blue Wizard  Human  Pyramid    Wizard of the Blue Face  m21 
Bluebell  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member of the Flower Elf tribe; ancestor of Rapunzel after brief liaison with Jordan.  8, m9, m13, m14, m28 
Bluejay  Cat  Mundania    Mundane cat  m21 
Blyght  Brassie  Gourd    Wife of Brawnye; mother of Bria. Also known as Blythe, which she prefers.  M5, 6, 14 
Blythe  Brassie  Gourd    See Blyght  5, 6, m10, m19 
B-Nign  Insect  Xanth    The soon-to-be queen of the B`s – insects larger and more magical than common bees. Addressed as Princess.  
Bo Vine  Human  Xanth    Isle of Women: cousin to Clinging Vine  m22 
Bogeyman  Crossbreed  Xanth    Cold soulless white eyes, rat-like teeth, dragon`s body (maybe not here). Eats children, forces mother to redeem them via sex, substituting another child, or give up an equivalent mass of her own body  37 
Bonita  Human  Xanth    Girl in Adver City  32 
Borealis  Creature  Green Goo    Man of Green Goo, wants to be with Aurora.  28 
Boris Boar  Crossbreed  Animalia    Porcine Castle  44 
Bortre  Human  Xanth  Can intimidate anyone, even objects    m28 
Borywog  Human  Xanth    The frail and old former tutor of Omen. 
Boss  Dog  Ptero    90 pound black labrador dog  24, 27 
Braille  Centaur  Xanth  Transcribing documents  Can transcribe documents so that those who can`t read can sense their meaning. He is in love with Jana, a human, in a relationship that is normally forbidden.  17 
Brain Coral  Creature  Xanth  Suggestion  Has tremendous intelligence, magic, and conscience; protects the demon X(a/n)th. Since it can`t move, it operates through thought suggestions which seem to creatures like their own ideas.  2, 3, m4, m5, m9, m12, m13, 14, 17, m18, 19, m23, m24, 25, m26, m28, m43 
Bran D  Demon  Hades    People look sober until they met him, then they look inebriated  35 
Branch  Faun  Xanth    tree faun, neighbor of Forrest Faun, lost in the Void  m21, 25, 31 
Brandon Risner  Human  Xanth    Age 16, killed in drunk driving accident, passenger in car that hit a tree  m23 
Brant [LOTD]  Human  Xanth  Death wish  His bad dreams become real and kill people; Night Stallion turned off his dreams.  36 
Brant [WTC]  Human  Xanth  answer any question without confusion  Boyfriend of Sara Nade, he is tone deaf.  35 
Brawnye  Brassie  Xanth    Husband of Blythe (Blyght)  m19 
Breanna  Human  Mundania  See in blackness  Wife of Justin; mother of Amber Dawn; Black Wave girl, age 15, lustrous black hair to waist, glowing green eyes, nice figure.  M22, M23, 24, M25, 26, 27, 28, 29, m31, m37 
Brenn  Human  Xanth  Changes Into Brick Wall    27 
Bria  Brassie  Gourd    Daughter of Blythe and Brawnye, she has an accommodation spell which enables her to marry Esk Ogre.  M10, m11, 14, m15, m17, m19, m21, 26, m30 
Brian  Crossbreed  Puzzle    Caprine Castle  44 
Brick Bat  Bat  Xanth    The obnoxious but loyal leader of a battalion of bats who guard Draco`s lair.  11 
Brigitte  Human  Xanth  makes bridges appear    29 
Briskil  Crossbreed  Xanth    Son of Bria and Eskil  21 
Brontes  Cyclops  Xanth    Power of Air with his brothers Stereopes and Arges until they fell out of favor.  7, m11 
Brown  Human  Xanth    One of five sisters with long hair. Part of Merge  38, 39, m43 
Brown Knees  Human  Xanth    Isle of Women: Small, elfin woman with brown knees which she is eager to show off, and more.  22 
Bruce  Zombie  Xanth    Zombie servant of the Zombie Master.  3, 27 
Bruce  Human  Xanth    A zombie servant of the Zombie Master.  33 
Bruce Bull  Crossbreed  Animalia    Porcine Castle  44 
Brunhilda  Bat  Xanth  Kisses Make Love Slaves  Fruit bat  31 
Brusque Brassy-Ogre  Crossbreed  Xanth  Changing weight and softness  Son of Bria and Eskil; husband of Becka  m15, 19, 26, 27, m30, 31 
Bryce  Human  Mundania  Seeing 10 seconds ahead with left eye  Husband of Bev; father of two sons and a daughter; suitor of Harmony; gray eyes. In Mundania he is 80, overweight, with type 2 diabetes, clogged arteries, prostate cancer, and 1-2 years to live; rejuvenated to age 21 in Xanth. Harmony gives him a magic Pen; does not get the Monocle. Will not Marry Harmony, even though she chose him, because she is still too young.  M36, 37, 40, m41, m43 
Bubbles  Dog  Mundania    A cast-off dog that Kim rescues from its Mundanian bubble.  M16, 19, 26 
Buck  Human  Xanth    Gloria’s bad boy lover, handsome, potent, ruthless  45 
Bucktooth  Goblin  Xanth    A member of the Goblinate of the Golden Horde.  12 
Bud  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member of the Flower Elf tribe; ally of Godiva Goblin.  13 
Buddy  Human  Xanth  becomes your best friend    35 
Bull  Angel  Heaven World    Pun: able  m34 
Bull-Et  Crossbreed  Xanth    Adora`s half-brother; human head, bull body; speeding  m35 
Bull-Etin  Crossbreed  Xanth    Adora`s half-brother; human head, bull body; newsey  m35 
Bull-ies  Crossbreed  Xanth    Adora`s half-brother; human head, bull body; tough  m35 
Bull-Ion  Crossbreed  Xanth    Adora`s half-brother; human head, bull body; rich  m35 
Bull-Rush  Crossbreed  Xanth    Adora`s half-brother; human head, bull body; river-browsing  m35 
Bull-Wark  Crossbreed  Xanth    Adora`s half-brother; human head, bull body; stalwart  m35 
Bureaucrat  Demon  Hades    Registration demon at University of Magic  14 
Burnice from Burnsville  Human  Xanth  Burns things    37 
Burrito  Donkey  Xanth    Guide in Castle Rock Candy for Don; cracked lame jokes  32 
Burt Buck  Human  Pu    Caprine. Castle  44 
Bus Tard  Bird  Xanth    Big black and yellow bird capable of carying 66 passengers but always very tardy  33 
Busy Bee  Insect  Xanth    Island-sized bee  39 
Button  Ghost  Xanth    Ghost in Castle Roogna. Ghost of hope and redemption; leads them to Demoness Eris.  m4, 14, 33 
B-Wilder  Insect  Xanth  makes a person feel like the b`s name  Minions of the Sea Hag`s queen B 
      135 Characters in B     
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M# - Major Character in that Book. m# - Mention only in that Book.
C Duce  Demoness  Hades    Trying to seduce the Companions off the Enchanted Path  40 
C. Duce  Demoness  Hades    Seduced dragons.  33 
C. Monster  Monster  Xanth    Sea monster invading river  m4 
C-3PO  Robot  Mundania    Mentioned by Arjayess, and yes, it is the same one in `Star Wars`   m26 
Cactus  Cat  Xanth    Challenge at Humfrey`s Castle. Fur composed of thorns, on the ears they are very large and stiff, like spikes. Knifelike spurs of bone on front legs. The thorn-fur was horizontally striped green and brown and it had three tails. 
Cactus  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member of the Flower Elf tribe armed with a cactus spine. 
Cadence  Crossbreed  Xanth Reality  What She Sings Becomes Temporarily Real  Daughter of Lean and a tiger; winged centiger  30 
Caitlin  Centaur  Xanth Reality    Sent to pick up Woe Betide, Ted, and Demonica in Reality 7, brown hair  30 
Caitlin [JC]  Human  Xanth  Change Wine to Water    33 
Caitlin [UIAH]  Human  Ptero  Knows When Something Will Happen  Needed rescued  26 
Callcantzari  Creatures  Xanth    Somewhat goblin-like grotesque furry creatures with putrid breath, afraid of fire, and like human flesh. Killed Jordan, but he was resuscitated. 
Calliope  Muse  Xanth    Daughter of Mnem and Ebnez; recites epic poetry. Became a Muse.  m7, m28 
Cameo  Human  Xanth  Makes Brief Appearances  Pieria resident  29 
Can Bee  Can  Xanth    Father of Can Oo and Can Teen boyfriend of Can D; apperaed in John`s local Region of Madness  32 
Can D  Can  Xanth    Boyfriend of Can Bee; filled with sweets; appeared in John`s local Region of Maddness.  32 
Can D  Demoness  Hades    Sugary, sweet-looking  35 
Can E  Can  Xanth      32 
Can L  Can  Xanth    Cousin of Can Bee; long, , thin, contains water with ships; appeared in John`s local Region of Madness.  32 
Can N  Can  Xanth    Uncle of Can Bee; military; military; appeared in John`s llocal Region of Maddnessw  32 
Can Op  Can  Xanth    Sonk of Can Bee; incontunent; appeared in John`s llocal Region of Maddnessw  32 
Can Teen  Can  Xanth    Son of Can Bee; contains water; appeared in John`s llocal Region of Maddnessw  32 
Candi  Human  Xanth    In a Comic Strip; has candy that turns teeth into candy.  25 
Candy Striper  Human  Xanth    Paints bushes so they become candies that heal people.  32 
Canis Major  Transmuto  Dog Star  Changes species every day  Pet dog of Rose from the Dog Star. He`s quite Sirius.  15, m16 
Capa Bull  Crossbreed  Xanth    Adora`s half-brother; bull head, human body  m35 
Captain M  Human  Xanth    old dead operating system with 16 story house  38 
Care  Human  Xanth    In Scoop; as long as you walk with her nothing bad happens.  34 
Carecrow  Human  Xanth    Character in `The Lizard of Waz`. Played by Tara  41 
Caretaker  Human  Xanth      45 
Carla  Mermaid  Xanth    Maid in undersea hotel  32 
Carleton  Centaur  Xanth  Finding things  Brother of Chena, elder. Aka Carlton   19, 20 
Carlos  Merman  Xanth    Butler in undersea hotel  32 
Carmen  Gorgon  Xanth    the gorgon of Water  M40 
Carter  Human  Xanth  ability to steer conversation any way he wants  Had a vila girlfriend.  m31 
Cary  Human  Xanth  Can`t ever tell what he`s going to do    m31 
Cassaundra  Centaur  Xanth    Has no power of prophecy, but others think she does  25 
Cassaunova  Centaur  Xanth    Has ambition but not ability to be every filly`s lover  25 
Cassie  Crossbreed  Xanth  going in and out of the Void  Centaur/human; can assume either form  23 
Cassy  Centaur  Xanth Reality    Sent to pick up Woe Betide, Ted, and Demonica in Reality 7, red hair  30 
Catalog  Cat  Xanth    Cat in The Library  23 
Catapult  Feline  Xanth    A feline creature the size of a small sphinx with a tail that expands into a sort of netted web allowing it to hurl large objects. 
Catarrh  Centaur  Xanth    Zombie  25 
Cathryn  Alicentaur  Ptero  Blankets  Mate of Contrary; has magic blankets: blanket of silence, etc.  21 
Catrana  Demoness  Hades    Isle of Women: She pretends to be talking animals.  22 
Catrina  Feline  Pyramid    Cat that caters to catacombs   21 
Cayla  Human  Xanth  Knitting Things  Clio helped her figure out her talent after failing the Good Magician`s Challenges.  28 
Cecil  Curse Fiend  Xanth    Character in a play.  m39 
Cedar  Mermaid  Xanth  Reading titles (with help)  Bored mermaid with red hair, encountered by Trent, Gloha, and Cynthia. When she works with Ash and Mahogany, they can read one title.  17, 22 
Cedar Centaur  Centaur  Xanth    winged stallion. Blue-brown fur and hair and eyes, well made , handsome  46 
Cedric  Centaur  Xanth    Mate of Celeste; construction supervisor at Roogna`s castle. He has been most unpleasantly deceived by his mate.  3, 46 
Cedric the 10th  Centaur  Xanth    Descendant of Cedric Centaur  20 
Celest  Human  Xanth Reality3  Summon Falling Stars  Girlfriend of Aaron (SN); visitor of Promenade Glade  30 
Celeste  Centaur  Xanth    Mate of Cedric; is less than helpful.  m3 
Cencow  Crossbreed  Xanth    Son of Chet Centaur and a fat sea cow  m24 
Cenmaid  Crossbreed  Xanth    Centaur/Mermaid; head and arms of a human, forelegs and torso of a horse, and tail of a fish; brought to David Baldwin in a dream by a cenmare.  20 
Cenmare  Crossbreed  Xanth    Centaur/Nightmare; brought David Baldwin a dream of a cenmaid and harga.  20 
Censor  Human  Xanth    Censors things  33 
Centaur  World  Ida`s Worlds    Another of Ida`s moons. Shaped like and mostly inhabited by centaurs.  31 
Center  Centaur  Xanth  sees inside a person and tells what`s wrong    25 
Centurion  Centaur  Xanth    From Centaur Isle on a quest to discover his talent from the Pythian oracle.  12 
Cerci  Merwoman  Pyramid  Change men to pigs  Daughter of Merci and Cyrus; on the Gray Face  21 
Cerebral  Centaur  Xanth    Itinerant centaur who tutored Ida when she was growing up among the otterbees.  15, m34 
Cesar  Centaur  Xanth    Isle of Fellowship  24 
C-Gull  Bird  Gourd    In the Gourd  29 
Chafe  Centaur  Pyramid    On the Blue Face  21 
Chalice  Centaur  Pyramid  Pottery  On the Blue Face; earthy brown blue  21 
Challenge  Centaur  Xanth Reality6  Production of Fire    30 
Chameleon  Human  Xanth  phasic changes in intelligence and beauty  Wife of Bink; mother of Dor, Auspice, and Anima; she changes with the month, going through three distinct phases. Fanchon is brilliant but also bad-tempered and very ugly. Wynne is very beautiful and good-natured but also stupid. Dee possesses average looks and intelligence. At age 76, youthened to 16.  M1, 2, m3, 4, m5, M6, m7, m9, m11, 13, 14, 17, m18, 22, 35, 36 
Champion  Human  Xanth  Lend strength of body, substance or character    35 
Chandra  Human  Xanth  changing from one humanoid form to another  Girlfriend of Dudley Dragonman  36 
Chaos  Crossbreed  Ptero  Turns things transparent  Son of Metria and Veleno  21 
Chaos  Major Demon  Xanth    The original Demon.  44, 45, 46 
Chaos Butterfly  Insect  Xanth  “When I flap my wings, a storm can form far away.    40 
Charity  Centaur  Xanth    Isle of Fellowship  24 
Charles  Horse  Xanth  Makes a Person Have Muscle Spasms    27 
Charles  Centaur  Xanth Reality    Centaur in Xanth alternate reality in Dor`s throne room  30 
Charleton  Centaur  Xanth Reality    Centaur in Xanth alternate reality in Dor`s throne room  30 
Charming  Human  Xanth    Husband of Wenda; lost his love, found it again with Mercy, then fell in love with Wenda. Aka Prince Charming.   33, M34, m36, 39 
Charnal  Centaur  Xanth    Isle of Fellowship  24 
Charon  Demon  Hades    Minor Demon playing different people. Falls in love with Haughty Harpy.  33, 35, 37, 39 
Charybdis  Pool  Ptero    Whirlpool on Zombie and Xanth  26 
Chase  Centaur  Xanth    Liaison for centaurs. Red hair, red hide  38 
Chaska  Crossbreed  Xanth Reality6  Can see through fog  Human/Demon  30 
Chasta  Human  Xanth Reality5    Needed to shave her legs in a Razor Glade.  30 
Chaz  Centaur  Pyramid    On the Blue Face; leader of 10 blue centaurs  21 
Che  Alicentaur  Xanth    Son of Chex and Cheiron; husband of Cynthia; chosen by the Simurgh for great things; destined to change the history of Xanth by tutoring her chick Sim.  m12, M13, m14, M15, m16, 17, 19, 20, 22, m24, M25, m26, 28, 29, M30, m31, m38, 43 
Chea  Alicentaur  Xanth    Winged centaur  22 
Checkers  Centaur  Pyramid  Board games  On the Blue Face; dappled  21 
Checkoff  Centaur  Xanth  gets anything wrong on the first try  Gets it right the second time  35 
Cheerful Lee  Human  Xanth    Person crossing invisible bridge over the Gap Chasm.  27 
Cheery  Centaur  Xanth    Centaur Isle guide  29 
Cheiron  Alicentaur  Xanth    Mate of Chex; father of Che, Chelsy, and Cherish; golden hooves and silver wings and leader of all the winged monsters.  10, 11, 12, M13, m14, m15, 17, 19, m24, m25, m43 
Chel  Alicentaur  Ptero    Daughter of Cynthia and Che; born 1110  24 
Chele  Centaur  Xanth    Provided ride for Clio`s party  28 
Cheline  Alicentaur  Ptero    Daughter of Cynthia and Che; born 1107  24 
Chelle  Insect  Xanth      22 
Chellony  Werecentaur  Xanth Reality6  production and control of lightning    30 
Chelsea  Human  Xanth    Cursed to fall in love only with folk who are already committed to others.  33 
Chelsy  Alicentaur  Xanth    Daughter of Chex and Cheiron; sister of Che, younger; twin to Cherish  m19 
Chem  Centaur  Xanth  Projecting maps  Daughter of Cherie and Chester; mother of Chex by Xap; manifests a map in thin air of anything she has seen.  M5, 6, M7, M10, m11, m12, m13, m14, m15, m24, m25, 38 
Chemare  Crossbreed  Ptero    Centaur/Nightmare result of a Love Spring  21 
Chen  Alicentaur  Ptero    Daughter of Cynthia and Che; born 1108  24 
Chena  Alicentaur  Xanth  Activating magic rocks  Sister of Carleton, younger; transformed from a centaur to a winged centaur; exiled from Centaur Isle for obscenity: she had a magic talent.  19, 20 
Chenille  Centaur  Pyramid  Seamstress  On the Blue Face  21 
Cherie  Centaur  Xanth  Beauty  Mate of Chester; mother of Chet and Chem. She has trouble coming to terms with her own, or any other centaur`s talent.  1, M2, 4, m5, m6, m7, 10, m12, m14, m24 
Cherin  Alicentaur  Ptero    Daughter of Cynthia and Che; born 1109  24 
Cherish  Alicentaur  Xanth    Daughter of Chex and Cheiron; sister of Che, younger; twin to Chelsy  m19 
Cherrie  Human  Xanth  Conjure cherries and make explosive pies    28 
Cherry  Centaur  Xanth    In girl form, red hair, aspect of red centaur  38 
Chester  Centaur  Xanth  Conjuring a silver flute  Mate of Cherie; father of Chet and Chem; nephew of Herman the Hermit; strong-willed centaur with a homely face, but handsome hindquarters; flute that he conjures plays beautiful music.  1, M2, m3, m4, m5, m6, M9, 10, m12, 14, m16, m23, m24 
Chet  Centaur  Xanth  Calculus  Son of Cherie and Chester; father of Cencow by a sea cow; talent allows him to turn boulders into small stones, a process which he calls "Calculus".  2, m3, M4, 5, 6, 7, 10, m14, m24, 38 
Chevalier  Centaur  Xanth    Leader of Centaur Isle  29 
Chex  Alicentaur  Xanth  Lightening objects  Daughter of Chem and Xap; wife of Cheiron; when she flicks things with her tail, they become lighter. Since her wings aren`t strong, she uses her talent on herself to fly.  M10, 11, 12, M13, m14, 15, 17, 18, 19, m22, m24, m25, m43 
Chickenlips  Demon  Hades    Demon in Grossclout`s class.  26 
Chickory  Centaur  Pyramid  Herbalist  On the Blue Face  21 
Chide  Centaur  Pyramid    On the Blue Face  21 
Chiffon  Centaur  Pyramid  Makes things transparent  On the Blue Face  21 
Chilk  Human  Xanth  Invisible wall  A young practical joker of the North Village; stored in Brain Coral pool.  1, 26 
Chime  Centaur  Pyramid  Minstrel  On the Blue Face  21 
Chip  Serpent  Xanth    Souffle`s apprentice. Uses illusion to scare  24 
Chip  Centaur  Pyramid  Shatters objects  On the Blue Face  21 
Chisel  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member of the Tool elf tribe. 
Chloe  Winged Centaur  Xanth    pretty, assertive, eager to find suitable princes and estates.Chloe Centaur “Fresh Blooming” the telepath who eventually goes with Dragoman. Brown fur, long brown hair, brown eyes. = Dragoman Dragon. Communications, Liaison with other kingdoms.  M46 
Chlorine  Human  Xanth  Poisoning water  Wife of Nimby; mother of Nimbus; greenish-yellow hair and complexion; once plain, stupid, and mean spirited with shrewish mother and brutish father. Changed by NIMBY to be beautiful, smart, healthy, and nice.  M20, 21, 22, M23, 25, 26, 27, 31, m32, 34, 36, m37, 39 
Chris Kehler  Human  Mundania    Nickname: Kibbitz. Mundanian who wandered into Xanth  39 
Chrissy  Centaur  Xanth    A young female centaur on Centaur Isle. She acted as MareAnn and Humfrey`s guide during their census of Xanth`s talents.  14 
Christopher  Human  Xanth  duplicating self    23 
Christopher Justino  Human  Ptero    Mundane, dead. Aka Joker.   21 
Chronolo-G  Insect  Ptero    In Sunset Comic Strip.  28 
Chronos  Human  Xanth  changes age to four times or one quarter    25 
Ci-Gar  Gar  Xanth    Boyfriend of Ci-Garette; in the river bank.  35 
Ci-Garette  Gar  Xanth    Girlfriend of Ci-Gar; in the river bank.  35 
Cindi  Human  Mundania  Can Make Whatever She Makes  Won`t help with fire ants. An emulation of Metria.  26 
Cindy  Centaur  Xanth      22 
Ciriana  Human  Xanth    Adopted by Clio and Sherlock; child with a foul mouth and knowing about summoning storks, which she found out from a harpy.  M28 
Citronella  Crossbreed  Xanth  Gets Rid of Pests of Any Type  On the Outside; human/grass  31 
Claim Ant  Ant  Xanth    Challenge 2 for Cyrus Cyborg.  32 
Clair Voyant  Human  Xanth  knows things  She wants to find cat Claire Voyant   35 
Claire Voyant  Human  Xanth  knows where things and situations are    24 
Claire Voyant  Cat  Xanth  Clairvoyance  Mate of Sammy Cat; mother of Kitten Kaboodle  M26, M33, 35 
Clairficant  Ogre  Xanth  Cancels Opaque`s Talent  Sister of Opaque  28 
Clappy  Human  Xanth  Claps hands for reports  News, weather reports occur when he claps his hands  22 
Clarabelle  Cat  Xanth Reality3    Pet of Nikki   30 
Clare  Human  Xanth  tap in to the memory of any person and then relive that memory  Talent can be shared.  33 
Clark  Centaur  Xanth  compel others to do his will  Really the Demon Pluto. Falls in love with Eve.   33 
Clementine  Human  Xanth    One of Harmony`s once-a-day women trying to win Bryce`s heart  36 
Cliffy  Monster  Pyramid    Friend of Niffy Gliff  m21 
Clinging Vine  Human  Xanth    Isle of Women: cousin to Bo Vine  m22 
Clio  Muse  Xanth  Windback. Reversing a situation  Daughter of Mnem and Ebnez; wife of Sherlock; adopts Ciriana; Muse of history. She writes magic texts on Xanth. She is under 3 curses. 1. She will not have feminine curves of her own, but will find some, the bark of a nymph tree. 2.she will have daily danger, but a means to nullify it, her talent. 3. May die young, but will be young a long time. Sherlock reverses her curses.  7, 12, 13, m16, 22, m25, M28, m30, m31, m32, m41, m42 
Cloud  World  Ida`s Worlds    Another of Ida`s moons. Shaped like and mostly inhabited by clouds  31 
Cloud D  Demon  Hades    Generating small clouds that floated away, obscuring and wetting things   35 
Cocksure  Cockatrice  Xanth    Astrid has to defeat him to get away from the alien zookeepers  39 
Coconut  Demoness  Hades    Demon in Grossclout`s class.  26 
Cody  Human  Xanth  can decipher any code or language    m35 
Cognition  Centaur  Xanth    Learned historian  38 
Coinroy  Human  Xanth    Collects coins. Delays S R Sheperd   33 
Colby  Cockatrice  Xanth    Tamed by Astrid.  39 
Colorado  Human  Xanth  changes color with temperature    40 
Colt  Human  Xanth  Throwing Snow Fakes    29 
Com Fuse  Machine  Ptero  change reality of intelligibility, it thinks    24 
Com Ma  Machine  Ptero  Change reality of punctuation  On Ptero  24 
Com Mute  Machine  Ptero  Change reality of travel  On Ptero  24 
Com Panion  Machine  Xanth  changes local reality  Daughter of Com Passion and Com Pewter; set up in mountain Pinafore in Counter Xanth to talk with Pinatuba.  28 
Com Passion  Machine  Xanth  Changes local reality  Computer, similar to Com Pewter, but female and friendly, because a love spring runs through her cave.  21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 38 
Com Pewter  Machine  Xanth  Changes local reality  A machine made by the Muses of Parnassus to assist them by recording reality. However, it was misdesigned so that it remakes reality within the confines of its cave. Built by Maiden Japan  9, 12, 14, m15, 16, 17, m18, 19, m20, m21, 22, 23, m24, 25, 26, 28, 29, m30, m31, m32, m33, m34, m36, 38, m39, m43 
Com Plication  Human  Xanth Reality3  Crashes Into Things and They Crash Too  Visitor of Promenade Glade  30 
Com Ponent  Machine  Xanth    Son of Com Pewter and Com Passion  25 
Com Pound  Machine  Xanth  changes local reality  Son of Com Pewter and Com Passion; set up on Pinatuba to communicate with Pinafore.  28 
Com Pulsion  Machine  Ptero  Change reality of visitor who doesn`t want to stay  On Ptero  24 
Com Rad  Machine  Ptero  Change reality of friendship  On Ptero  24 
Com-Bat  Bat  Xanth    A very aggressive bat in a cave labeled COM  20, 27 
Combo  Human  Mundania    young man, talent of recombination: two magic objects make a third.  45 
Comealong  Golem  Xanth    Reverse-wood golem created by Sherlock. Companion of Getaway.  28 
Comic  World  Ida`s Worlds    Another of Ida`s moons. A world of Comic Strips. Blue fields, yellow trees, red streams.  34 
Comper  Human  Puzzle    director of the puzzles  44 
Com-Pete  Serpent  Xanth    Guards Mount Pinatuba  27 
Con  Troll  Xanth    proprietor of the castle  41 
Con Tractor  Human  Xanth  Undertakes projects  One of the Tractor brothers  34 
Conan the Librarian  Ogre  Xanth    Groom at a wedding Okra attended; exceptionally strong; can squeeze a dictionary into one word. Married to the Tasmania Devil.  m15 
Cone  World  Ida`s Worlds    Ida`s 4th moon. A world of crossbreeds. People live on both the inside and outside of the cone. The inside is filled with water and pwople can breathe in it. All breeding must be done at the rim. Ida lives at the inside point of the cone and is also a crossbreed with the body of a human and the head of a horse.   m21, 22, m24, 26, 27, m28, 31 
Conspir Ant  Ant  Xanth Reality6    In PiqueAnt hill; leader conspiring against the Queen.  30 
Consult Ant  Ant  Xanth    Challenge 2 for Cyrus Cyborg.  32 
Contest Ant  Ant  Xanth    Challenge 2 for Cyrus Cyborg.  32 
Contrary  Alicentaur  Ptero  No talent  Mate of Cathryn  21 
Contumelo  Curse Fiend  Xanth    The infuriatingly arrogant Curse Fiend Playmaster.  17 
Conun  Human  Xanth    A drummer. Conun drums.  27 
Convers Ant  Ant  Xanth    Challenge 2 for Cyrus Cyborg.  32 
Cook  Human  Xanth    A character in `The Princess and the Hog`, played by Mera  41 
Cool Hand Luke  Human  Xanth  chilling by grasping—actually  Actually Dara Demoness, Humfrey`s wife in disguise  42 
Copper  Demon  Hades    Demon patrolman with coppery skin; works with Blue Steel. 
Cora Cow  Crossbreed  Animalia    Porcine Castle  44 
Coral  World  Ida`s Worlds    Next world up from Distaff  43 
Cornelia  Human  Puzzle    corn maiden in the corn maze  44 
Corny  Unicorn  Xanth    His a horn made of a corn cob  40 
Corona  Human  Xanth Reality6  convert Xanth trees to Mundanian trees and vice-versa    30 
Correspond Ant  Ant  Xanth    Challenge 2 for Cyrus Cyborg.  32 
Cory  Human  Mundania  Sidestepping into next realm with Tessa    26, M27, 28, m30 
CoTwo  Demon  Hades    One who is warming the air, melting the ice  23 
Counter-Xanth  Thing  Xanth    An alternate Xanth of Counter-terrene matter. Accessed through the Cube Route. It reverses names and talents. Some things can be cumulative. No puns. Many specialized areas.  27, m28 
Courtney  Human  Xanth Reality6  makes anything grow on a tree    30 
Cowardly Scion  Human  Xanth    Character in `The Lizard of Waz`. Played by Prince Dolin  41 
Cowslip  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member of the Flower Elf tribe; cousin of Oleander.  m8 
Crabapple  Crossbreed  Xanth    Girlfriend of Curtis (DDD); member of the troupe; very beautiful Crab/human crossbreed with crab pinchers for arms.  M32 
Crater  Human  Xanth  Misplaces Rs in Words  Name of his establishment is Bra and Girll  33 
Craven  Goblin  Xanth    Subchief of the Chasm Clan. 
Crawling Banks  Ogre  Xanth    Prospective husband for Okra in the opinion of her aunt Fannie; extremely dumb ogre.  m15 
Crescendo  Human  Ptero  Music From Anything Touched  Son of Electra and Dolph  21 
Cri Sis  Human  Xanth    Sister of Tiara; handles difficult situations  m38 
Cricket  Human  Xanth  Produce Music by Rubbing Her Hands  Child Traveler on fairy boat on Fanta Sea  28 
Criss Cross  Human  Xanth  Search an area and catalog everything there    34 
Crombie  Human  Xanth  direction, can point to anything  Son of Sofia and Humfrey; husband of Jewel; father of Tandy; solider; spoiled by Demoness Metria as a child, he hated women for a time.  1, M2, 3, 4, m5, 6, m7, m9, 14, 17, m23, m24 
Crony  Human  Xanth    Father of Scintalla by Vendetta.  m21 
Crool  Goblin  Xanth    An aggressive member of the Chasm Goblin Clan. 
Crown-Of-Thorns  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  King of the Flower Elves 
Crunch  Ogre  Xanth    Husband of Sleeping Beauty; father of Smash; vegetarian ogre who doesn`t eat humans. He "rescued" a curse fiend actress dressed as an ogress from danger that was actually staged. However, the two became smitten.  2, 3, 4, m5, 10, 14, m33 
Cry Sis  Human  Xanth    See Cri Sis  39 
Crymea River  Human  Xanth  builds a bridge and gets over it.    35 
Crystal  Human  Xanth  Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us  Passenger on Trollway train  28 
Crystal  Alicentaur  Xanth    Transformed from human to winged centaur; friend of Chena.  20 
Crystal [TOF]  Human  Xanth    talent of falling through cracks.  45 
Cube  Human  Xanth  Summoning and Controlling Nicklepedes  Wife of Ryver; plain; age 20; only wants to be beautiful,so goes to the Good Magician who sends her on a Quest which will make her beautiful. She has gumption.  M27, 28 
Curmudgeon  Cloud  Xanth    Cloud in Mundania mentioned by Arjayess  m26 
Curt  Human  Xanth    A curtly speaker.  18 
Curtis [AA]  Human  Xanth  Not Being Able to Finish What He Starts    31 
Curtis [DDD]  Curse Fiend  Xanth    Boyfriend of Crabapple; man from the Curse Fiends, or Friends as he prefers, looking for neighbors to colonize the fringe of Lake Ogre-chobee.  16, M32 
Curvia  Centaur  Xanth    Hostess, buxom, lustrous brown hair  38 
Cutbait  Fish  Xanth    Fissure fish. A submarine sand witch.  26 
Cutter  Human  Xanth  can be cut to pieces but not hurt.    36 
Cuttle  Alien  Xanth    Squid’s cousin who survives, 50 years in the future Xanth  m44 
Cy  Centaur Clone  Xanth  generates a clone of himself  One is shy, pacifistic; other violent  23 
Cylla Cybin  Human  Xanth  makes others hallucinate    40 
Cynthia  Alicentaur  Xanth  apparent, children accept her as a parent  Mate of Che Centaur; a young human woman transformed by Trent while “evil” into a winged centaur; was preserved in Brain Coral`s pool for seventy-two years.  M17, 18, 19, 20, 22, m24, M25, m28, 29, 30, m31 
Cyrus  Crossbreed  Xanth  Can Change One Thing in a Person`s Memory  Son of Hannah Barbarian and Roland Robot; husband of Rhythm; human/robot or cyborg. Electronic brain and iron bones, but otherwise human. The groom.  m21, M32, m35, m36, 37, 38, m41, 42, m43 
Cyrus  Merman  Xanth    Son of Siren and Morris the Merman; husband of Merci Merwoman. Like his mother, he can change his lower body form legs to a tail at will.  m6, M16, 19 
      234 Characters in C     
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KEY - Xanth Titles; so far, by the numbers: (Click on a Book Title & see more info on that book.)
1 A Spell For Chameleon [ASFC]  2 The Source Of Magic [TSOM]  3 Castle Roogna [CaR]  4 Centaur Aisle [CA] 
5 Ogre, Ogre [OO]  6 Night Mare [NM]  7 Dragon on a Pedestal [DOAP]  8 Crewel Lye [CL] 
9 Golem In The Gears [GITG]  10 Vale Of The Vole [VOTV]  11 Heaven Cent [HC]  12 Man From Mundania [MFM] 
13 Isle Of View [IOV]  14 Question Quest [QQ]  15 The Color Of Her Panties [TCOHP]  16 Demons Don't Dream [DDD] 
17 Harpy Thyme [HT]  18 Geis of the Gargoyle [GOTG]  19 Roc And A Hard Place [RAAHP]  20 Yon Ill Wind [YIW] 
21 Faun & Games [FAG]  22 Zombie Lover [ZL]  23 Xone Of Contention [XOC]  24 The Dastard [TD] 
25 Swell Foop [SF]  26 Up In a Heaval [UIAH]  27 Cube Route [CuR]  28 Currant Events [CE] 
29 Pet Peeve [PP]  30 Stork Naked [SN]  31 Air Apparent [AA]  32 Two to the Fifth [TTTF] 
33 Jumper Cable [JC]  34 Knot Gneiss [KG]  35 Well-Tempered Clavicle [WTC]  36 Luck of the Draw [LOTD] 
37 Esrever Doom [ED]  38 Board Stiff [BS]  39 Five Portraits [FP]  40 Isis Orb [IO] 
41 Ghost Writer in the Sky [GWITS]  42 Fire Sail [FS]  43 Jest Right [JR]  44 Skeleton Key [SK] 
45 A Tryst of Fate [TOF]  46 Six Crystal Princesses [SCP]  47 Apoca Lips (The Xanth Novels) [AL]   
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