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Links To Books, Bookstores, and Reviews is an online book resale service that provides instant price quotes made easy with a mobile app to scan ISBN codes, free shipping and fast payment. Resale prices are continually updated online based on the market to ensure the best prices. Payment can be received either via a check or through PayPay. Price-compares dozens of textbook selling and renting sites.

Comparison Book shopping and Textbook rental, a Polish fan site.

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Just Books - A German Site for Secondhand and Rare Books

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Used and Out of Print Books

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Pivot Health blog about veganism

Happy Happy Vegan blog by Lisa Williams

Calendar for vegan and vegetarian events

Resource for Fantasy Writers

International Vegetarian Union - A Vegetarian Site

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Tangled Metal - chainmail armor, jewelry and accessories; website

Eric Torgerson - makes small, delicate, fantasy figures in glass

Patrick Woodruffe - Fantasy Artitst

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